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Built with Purpose, Delivered with Pride.

OHLA USA is a line of activity of OHLA Group, one of the world’s largest international construction companies, headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The company specializes in the design, financing, construction and modernization of highways, bridges, tunnels, water infrastructure, rail and transit systems, hospitals, and schools.

Divisions of OHLA USA

  • OHLA USA, Inc.
  • OHLA Building, Inc.
  • Community Asphalt Corp.
  • Judlau Contracting, Inc.
  • OHLA Systems & Electric, LLC


OHLA USA has constructed thousands of miles of highways and roads throughout the region. The company has experience in project design, construction, maintenance, operations and, financing.

Rail/Mass Transit Infrastructure

OHLA is a reference in the execution of railway infrastructure projects throughout North America. We have the experience and capacity to perform all types of rail projects, including high-speed to commuter, light rail and subway, streetcars and freight.

Unique buildings
Water Infrastructure & Environmental

OHLA USA is committed to environmental improvement projects, such as dust mitigation and lake rehabilitation, across the continent. Our LEED projects, BREEAM projects and environmental infrastructure projects demonstrate our longstanding commitment to sustainability.

Water Resources

OHLA Group has extensive global experience constructing tunnels in hard rock and soft ground conditions, using various methods of tunneling. These projects have been related to utility as well as complex transportation projects.