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Replacement of Water Siphons between Brooklyn and Staten Island

OHLA USA company, Judlau Contracting, Inc. (Judlau) worked on reconstruction the Wall Street water mains, a project that involved rehabilitation of more than 15 miles of 20- and 12-inch main waterlines in Lower Manhattan, replacement of 200 large valves, as well as construction of 250,000 square feet of sidewalks and 15,000 square feet of granite curbs.

Electric, gas, and fiber-optic lines were upgraded, and old ducts removed, improving capacity for decades to come, while new catch basins and sewer connections helped the street drain properly.

The project’s prominent location required continuous and close coordination with stakeholders to minimize construction impacts — crews worked through the night so that necessary water shut-offs would not affect local businesses during the day.

While replacing the 150-year old water main on Fulton Street construction Judlau encountered a 5.5-foot stretch that was densely packed with various utility lines and that had to be excavated by hand.

The team also discovered and ensured safe removal of some 5,000 artifacts and several 14-foot-long hollowed yellow pine logs that served as water pipeline in late 18th century. Two wooden water mains were uncovered near the intersection of Pearl Street and Beekman Street, and both had iron collars attached to join additional sections. Although potentially significant, the exposure of the wooden water main did not stop or significantly delay the overall excavation of this area. The pipe was left in situ until all excavations in the area were  ompleted and proper arrangement for its removal could be made.

The construction on the project halted for about a year following the Sept. 11 attack, when Judlau shifted to helping Con Edison restore disrupted services in the area.

Main Features:

  • Safe removal of some 5,000 artifacts
  • Rehabilitation of more than 15 miles of 20- and 12-inch main waterlines
  • Prominent location