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Murrieta Creek Phase II

Located in City of Temecula, approximately 80 miles southeast Los Angeles, the awarded project constitutes the first contract for OHLA USA, Inc. with a Federal entity, US Army Corps of Engineers.  

The need to construct an effective means to reduce the risk of flood damage became evident during repeated flood events in the 1990’s including a major flooding event in 1993 causing $88 million in damages to Camp Pendleton and another $20 million to local cities. The primary purpose of the project is to reduce the impacts of flooding along Murrieta Creek. Flooding along Murrieta Creek could potentially affect human and wildlife, damages to residential, commercial, industrial, and historic property as well as bridges and road crossings along the creek. With the completion of the project, it enhances the channel flow during storm events along with habitat creation for the local wildlife. The enhancement of the channel will reduce the risk of flooding in the Temecula area. 

The project consists of 4,300 feet long channel improvements of the Murrieta Creek channel, including its widening and deepening, installation of about 1.6 miles of riprap and soil cement slope protection, maintenance and bicycle trails, drainage culverts, landscaping and mitigation planting, A.C. paving, access ramps, safety railing and appurtenant work. OHLA’s scope also includes extension of drainage systems, landscaping, irrigation as well as hardscape trails on both sides of the creek. The goal of the project is to enhance the channel flow during storm events along with habitat creation for the local wildlife. Major challenges are to work in an active flooding channel subjected to periodic storm events, building the slope protection within the existing right of way, and coordination with a Federal Agency. The project was completed in May 2018. 


Main Features: 

  • Channel excavation 

  • Soil cement 

  • Structural backfill 

  • Drainage system 

  • Landscaping