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MED 609 - Installation of Water Mains for Shafts

OHLA USA companies OHLA USA Inc. (OHLA USA) and Judlau Contracting, Inc. (Judlau) have formed a joint venture to deliver the MED 609 project and help provide safe and reliable drinking water to New York’s 8 million residents. The City of New York Department of Design and Construction (DDC) has been managing an effort to reconstruct the aging water mains and utility infrastructure in the vicinity of the Queensboro Bridge in Manhattan since 2010.

The MED 609 project encompasses four high-profile locations throughout Manhattan where the JV crews are connecting Water Tunnel No. 3’s four shafts to the city’s distribution network. The scope of work includes installation of 18,600 feet of 48- and 36-inch trunk water mains as well as 28,500 feet of 24-, 20- and 12-inch distribution mains. Additionally, crews are replacing 5,500 feet of sewer pipes ranging from 42-inch to 15-inch in diameter. Ancillary works include the installation of catch basins, curbs, 24,000 cubic yards of roadway base concrete and 13,000 sq. yards of asphalt pavement.

The four water main connection points are located in high-profile, densely populated areas, including the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, Fordham University and MTA subway stations. The project followed detailed MOT requirements to ensure pedestrians’ safe passage through work areas. Temporary walkways were created using steel road plates to bridge open excavations. Street curbs were ramped to maintain ADA access and plates were coated with anti-skid paint to ensure safe passage. A full-time community liaison is assigned to each area to help address the high degree of community impact and sensitivity to construction activities.
The client has increased the scope of the project considerably, and the expected completion date is set for June 2021. The JV has received incentive bonuses for early completion on portions of this contract. 

Main Features:

  • Water main installation project
  • Utility relocation in urban environment
  • Roadway restoration