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UHealth Ambulatory Medical Center

Arellano completed the pre-construction services for the UHealth Ambulatory Medical Center (UHMC) Building to be located at the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus.

The project consisted of a new, multi-story building of approximately 240,000 SF. The existing sculpture building was demolished, as well as all site components (outbuildings, plumbing, etc.). To allow direct access for patients to the new UHMC, the building now physically connects to the Flipse building and parking garage with an enclosed, conditioned connector. A two-cab, five-stop elevator tower and lobby are now located within the existing parking deck.

Areas in the program include a conference center, core and shell, Cardio Thoracic Unit (CTU), pharmacy, lab, imaging, interventional platform, LINAC, mechanical room, physical therapy, specialty/clinics, support and administration spaces. Additionally, scope of work included a one-story Concrete Masonry Unity (CMU), and structural steel energy plant and relocation of internal roadways and changes to traffic patterns.

Main Features:

  • Pre-construction services
  • Construction of a new, multi-story building