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Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital

Building has been awarded the contract for the expansion and renovation of the Dr. Horacio E. Oduber Hospital (HOH) located in Oranjestad, Aruba.  

It is the largest hospital project in Aruba to date and has been heavily promoted by government officials, its international investment bank, AIB Bank, and the private-public development agency, Stichting Onroerend Goes Aruba (SOGA). The purpose of the project is to improve medical attention for Aruba's citizens and visitors, turning the HOH into a top-level hospital.  

The contract will be carried out in two phases over four years. The first phase will comprise an extension of the hospital, with a total new building construction surface of 15,447 square meters. The second phase includes the renovation of the current hospital centers.  

The extension includes the construction of a new six-story polyclinic with 96 rooms for patient admittance, a three-story building dedicated to medical consultations and outpatient services, and a central power plant and storage building to extend the existing electrical and mechanic infrastructure.  

The second phase will begin once the new buildings from the first phase are in service. The renovation will take place in two phases of the current six story polyclinic, which will have 60 rooms and areas dedicated to the specialties of pneumology, cardiology, neurological attention, labs, pharmacy and pre- and post-operative care. Likewise, the common areas such as the main lobby and dining room will be renewed, and the top story will be dedicated to administrative offices and hospital services.  


Main Features: 

  • Hospital expansion 

  • Hospital renovation 

  • Largest hospital project in Aruba