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South Ferry Complex Rehabilitation

OHLA USA company Judlau Contracting, Inc. (Judlau) has extensive experience working on the South Ferry Terminal—in 2006 MTA hired the firm to construct station finishes and install various systems, a project that was successfully completed in 2009. However, in 2012 the station suffered major damage when Superstorm Sandy swept through the area. Some 15 million gallons of water destroyed all electrical and mechanical systems and filled the entire structure from the track level to the mezzanine, a depth of 80 feet. The agency turned again to Judlau to complete the rehabilitation work as part of the  the Sandy Fix and Fortify initiative, to help make the terminal resilient against future category II level storms.  

The work included removal of damaged and installation of new pumping, electrical and communication/fiber optic equipment, HVAC and ventilation systems, as well as traction power and signal systems. Judlau was also tasked with cleaning and replacement of architectural finishes of the station, chemical grout, track work, civil and structural steel work, and refurbishment of two elevators and five escalators. Critical rooms and track areas were reconstructed with a flood protection system consisting of a flood log and panel system.

The three entrances were equipped with retractable flood doors, making the station completely watertight should another storm of the Sandy magnitude occur. Station’s canopies, designed to withstand a 12-foot wave of water, consist of custom steel framing and glass panels totaling 2,835 square feet. The team used various coordination tolls, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), to assemble the steel components and to integrate them with various architectural and MEP elements.

The underground terminal was not in service during the rehabilitation. However, the old station, which sits atop of it and was decommissioned in 2009, was put back in use. That necessitated close coordination with project’s stakeholders to ensure that construction activities and material delivery do not impede the flow of traffic. 

Main features:

  • Subway station rehabilitation
  • Installation electrical and mechanical systems
  • Refurbishing of elevators and escalators
  • Installation of retractable flood doors
  • Cleaning and replacement of architectural finishes