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Enhanced Station Initiative (ESI) Package 4 (DB)

OHLA USA company, Judlau Contracting, Inc., was the prime contractor selected to construct the MTA New York City Transit’s ESI Package 4. The project was part of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo’s plan to renovate 33 stations and better serve the needs of the riding public. The design-build project called for rehabilitation of five stations at 57th Street Station, 23rd Street Station, 28th Street Station, 34th Street - Penn Station - 7 Ave, and 34th Street - Penn Station - 8 Ave.

The scope of work included installation of architectural finishes; structural state of good repair and modifications; as well as electrical, communications, technology and mechanical work. The project greatly improved the commuting experience by incorporating improved lighting and signage; new entrances with superior street presence; a consistent and clearly defined fare entrance layout; enhanced platform finishes and increased transparency to the stations’ surroundings. The completed stations also feature a more user-friendly way-finding as well as Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.

The project was delivered on an accelerated schedule with start of design and completion of construction all occurring within a 12-month period. The crews are worked simultaneously on several stations to reduce the number of diversions and work trains used to deliver materials and remove debris from two of the three stations in one occurrence. To facilitate this, station-specific teams provided management, scheduling and organization of multiple trades working in stations together during each shift.  

Each station completed a rigorous visual quality review and approval for the finishes and coordination with engineering components such as consolidated wire ways and entrance canopies.

This design-build project included station rehabilitation working adjacent to an active railroad, requiring an efficient and effective use of railroad support personnel including flag persons, work train crews, and other force account personnel.

Main Features:

  • Station rehabilitation
  • Phased construction along an active railroad and commuter train station