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Cortlandt Street Station

The 9/11 attacks destroyed the mass transit infrastructure under the World Trade Center, which included two subway stations and a PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) terminal with subway service to New Jersey. A temporary PATH station opened two years after the attacks and service also had been restored to all city subway stations in the area except Cortlandt Street, located directly under the center.

OHLA USA company, Judlau Contracting, Inc., restored the 120,000-sq.-ft. train station on the No. 1 Line, a project that was split in two phases after MTA took it over from the Port Authority of NY and NJ in 2014.

Phase 1 involved construction of the No. 1 line box, and consisted of demolition of the subway structure, platform, sidewalls, and roof slab in some locations at the north end. Crews also expanded the platform, installed steel encasements, duct bank at the northern station limits, concrete sidewalls, masonry, etc.

The team completed the station during the Phase 2, in late 2018. The scope of work included the demolition and replacement of track slab, ties, and 1,200 feet of double-track rail; as well as construction of northbound and southbound platforms, communication rooms, maintenance spaces and two new mezzanines that provide transfer between the platforms and direct access to the new World Trade Center Transportation Hub.

The crews relocated the utilities that were suspended on centerline columns to under the platform edge and relocated signal cables to trough installed on the ceiling following the removal of centerline columns. They also installed new sound attenuation panels, LED station lighting, communication systems, tunnel ventilation and HVAC.

Main Features:

  • Demolition and installation of track 
  • No disruption to train service, except for the 25 general orders
  • Construction of northbound and southbound platforms, communication rooms, maintenance spaces and mezzanines