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72nd Street Station Fit-Out

OHLA USA company, Judlau Contracting, Inc. (Judlau), completed the finishes and fit-out of the structural shell for 72nd Street Station, which is a part of MTA’s ongoing Second Avenue Subway program. The station features three entrances, full platform with access to two tracks, 11 escalators and seven ADA-compliant elevators, five of which are at street level, moving passengers to the station platform and mezzanine levels.

Judlau’s scope of work included construction of the concrete platform, reinforced concrete walls and deck, all three completed with 12 concrete pours using 300,000 pounds of rebar and 1,500 cubic yards of concrete. The 64,000-square-foot mezzanine deck, built above the platform, is 16 feet high, spans 64 feet across the cavern and is 1,000 feet long. Judlau completed the mezzanine deck with 20 concrete pours, using 1.3 million pounds
of rebar and 3,600 cubic yards of concrete.

In addition, Judlau installed tunnel station and smoke management system, and two HVAC chill room plants that provide air conditioning for the station’s platform, mezzanines and back of house rooms. The crews also constructed four facility power rooms, supplied via
13.2kV ConEdison feeders connected to transformers, and completed gas, water main and sewer connections. All Second Avenue stations have implemented the Building Management System (BMS) that uses Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) to integrate multiple systems and share data. The system integration at the 72nd station was very complex, requiring strong coordination with the MTA and a testing period to ensure the system was interfacing correctly.

During the early stages of construction, the shaft at Entrance 3 was used to move materials, which delayed the construction of the elevators. Judlau implemented a fast-paced concrete pour and steel-erection schedules to keep the project on track.

Major work activities for the project include:

  • Structural concrete work at the station platform and mezzanine level, including concrete slabs and precast wall sections
  • Installation of a ventilation system including fan and chiller plants within the station and its ancillary structures
  • Extensive electrical and lighting work throughout the station and the various entrances
  • Construction of station finishes including miscellaneous metals, ornamental metals, wall panels, granite and porcelain tile, sunscreens, louvers, and external cladding
  • Work to interface with the communications signals contract and the station excavation contract


  • 2018 – American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) – Outstanding Civil
    Engineering Achievement Award (Second Avenue Subway)
    2017 – New York Transit Museum – Honoree