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I-405 Improvements, SR 73 to I-605 (DB)

OHLA USA company, OHLA USA, Inc. (OHLA USA), is the managing partner in the joint venture working on the $1.4 billion contract to design and construct the I-405 Improvement Project, from SR-73 to I-605. When completed, the project will increase capacity, improve traffic and interchange operations, and enhance road safety on the 16-mile section of the I-405, one of the most congested freeways in California.

The scope of work includes adding one general-purpose lane in each direction, from Euclid Street to I-605 and improving freeway entrances, exits and bridges. Specifically, OHLA USA is tasked with reconfiguration of interchanges and off- and on-ramps; construction or replacement of 23 crossroad/ramp bridges, soundwalls and drainage facilities; construction of a pedestrian bridge and widening of seven bridges crossing over the I-405. In addition, OHLA USA is constructing two tolled express lanes in the freeway’s median, which will provide a fast and reliable travel option to motorists.

Pacific Infrastructure 405 Designers, a joint venture consisting of California-based Moffatt & Nichol, H.W. Lochner, Inc. and Arup led the design effort for the project. The design and construction teams worked cohesively, providing ideas for optimization of resource allocation and the development of the best design and construction approaches, with the goal of reducing project cost, streamlining management processes, and mitigating risks.

Some 400 overhead and underground utility lines owned by 22 private and public service providers are located in the vicinity of the I-405 Project. About a quarter of them—130—present potential conflicts with construction activities. During design phase, OHLA USA performed potholing and surveying to locate all underground utilities and coordinated with utility owners, to schedule utility relocations that are confirmed conflicts. Utility owners preparing relocation designs were provided project schedules, engineering and survey
data to facilitate their planning and installations. 


  • 16-mile long roadway expansion project
  • Demolition and replacement of 23 overcrossings and widening of seven bridges over a highly congested highway
  • Complex Maintenance of Traffic with minimal closures allowed
  • Dry and wet utilities work
  • Extensive utility coordination
  • Installation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) infrastructure
  • Extensive community outreach program