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Fairway Drive Grade Separation

The Fairway Drive Project is located in the City of Walnut in Los Angeles County, California. Project consist of lowering Fairway Drive under the two existing Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) and Metrolink tracks, immediately north of the 60 Freeway

The project includes the construction of:

  • A new cast-in-place concrete bridge
  • Concrete retaining walls
  • A 35’ deep wastewater / stormdrain pump station

Execution of the project also requires extensive underground wet and dry utility work, roadway improvements, and demolition and grading.

Work Progress

The Fairway Grade Separation require lowering of Fairway Avenue under UPRR rail road tracks as well as partial elevation of the existing tracks. The work is to be completed in multiple stages. The project scope of work includes demolition and excavation for underpass bridge substructure elements, construction of piles, pile caps, abutments, columns and column bent, 80’ wide UPRR two‐track steel bridge, steel utility bridge, earth retaining structures, soil stabilization system, pump station, grading, preparing site within UPRR right‐of‐way and construct lead and spur tracks, storm drain realignment, culverts, sewer siphon with airline, relocation of Verizon and MCI lines, waterline installation, utility casings, install street lighting, signals modification, signing and striping, protection and/or relocation of existing dry and wet utilities.

OHLA USA has completed the shoring and the installation of the dewatering system for the Pump Station. It is currently excavating and installing the whaler system for the shoring at the Pump Station and the 8” & 10” sewer lines in the Railroad right‐of‐way.