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Woods Memorial Bridge

OHLA USA company, Judlau Contracting,Inc., is part of the joint venture that was awarded the Woods Memorial Bridge contract on October 5, 2015. This is the first project for Judlau Contracting, Inc. in the Boston, MA area.  

The project involves replacing two non-operating draw bridges with new fixed bridges to enhance bicycle and pedestrian safety and improve connectivity. The Woods Memorial Bridge is being replaced with a three-span, continuous, steel framed bridge structure over the Malden River; which is a Federal Channel. The work consists of demolition of the existing bridge structure, extraction of existing interfering steel piles to accommodate new foundation elements for the new bridge; construction of concrete piers with concrete drilled shafts and precast concrete columns and caps.  There are also concrete integral abutments and wingwalls with steel piles, a protective fender system at the piers.  

The bridge over the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority tracks is being replaced with a two-span continuous steel framed bridge structure. The Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16) roadway profile is raised to accommodate the new bridge. The work consists of demolition of the existing bridge structure; construction of integral abutment and wing walls with steel piles, a secant pile wall abutment cap, steel plate girders and associated elements for superstructure framing.  Additional work includes concrete deck slab, sidewalks, approach slabs, traffic and pedestrian railings, and medians; and installation of a prefabricated modular retaining wall at the southeast quadrant supported by a deep-seated steel pile foundation and related stairs. 

The existing bridge was structurally deficient and functionally obsolete that has not been operated in 30 years. These improvements provide a continuous safe and accessible linear route along each side of the River below, the Parkway above, and the means to connect between them. Pedestrian access to Wellington MBTA Station will also be improved with the addition of new sidewalks connecting to major mixed-use developments as part of a multi-year urban renewal program. Stormwater runoff quality will be improved through the introduction of current Best Management Practices for stormwater treatment. 


Main Features: 

  • New three-span continuous, steel framed bridge structure over the Malden River   

  • New two-span continuous steel framed bridge structure over MBTA tracks 

  • Demolition of existing bridges  

  • Superstructure construction 

  • Roadway reconstruction and widening 

  • Reconstruction of interconnecting on and off ramps