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La Loma Bridge Restoration

The reconstruction of the La Loma Road Bridge, renamed the John K Van De Kamp bridge to honor the late Los Angeles County District Attorney, was completed in 2017 by OHLA USA in Pasadena, California. This century-old bridge spans the Arroyo Seco Channel and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The bridge was able to retain its historic structure and was strengthened to meet current seismic and structural requirements.

The scope of this project included:

  • Replacement and widening of the bridge deck by one foot on each side to meet federal design standards
  • Rehabilitation of arches and spandrel columns to restore the overall appearance of the bridge
  • Strengthening of the end piers
  • Historic decorative railing and streetlights

The project entailed a retrofitting strategy which will enable the bridge with the capacity necessary to satisfy the ‘no collapse’ condition without relying on the support of Pier 4 which lies in the Zone of Potential Fault Rupture of the Eagle Rock Fault.