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OHLA USA, formerly known as OHL North America (“We” or “OHLA”) is committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of our employees’ and related individuals’ information.  Unfortunately, this notice concerns a security incident that may have involved such information.

On April 13, 2021, we discovered that a third party accessed its system and exfiltrated certain files at some time between March 18 and April 8, 2021.  We believe the files accessed included employee payroll records, and information related to our employee benefits plan.  These files included, among other things, names, addresses, phone numbers, part or all of social security numbers and certain bank account information, but not any passwords or access codes.  We reported the incident to law enforcement and immediately commenced an investigation to secure its environment, expel the third party actor and determine the timing of the incident. 

OHLA has no indication that any individual’s information has been misused. However, on May 4, 2021, OHLA began mailing notification letters to affected individuals. A copy of the notification letter sent to affected individuals may be found here.  We are also offering complimentary credit monitoring to affected individuals for twenty-four months. We also recommend that affected individuals remain vigilant by reviewing their financial account statements and credit reports. If suspicious activity is detected, immediately notify your financial institution or company and report any suspected incidents of identity theft to law enforcement or the State Attorney General.  If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Abby Reich at 718-554-2375 or abby.reich@ohla-usa.com. 

We regret any concern or inconvenience this incident may cause.  We remain committed to protecting the confidentiality and security of our employees’ information.  We are also reviewing our security measures and working to implement additional safeguards to reduce the risk of a similar incident occurring in the future.