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2/12/2021 12:00:00 AM

OHL USA Receives the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award for its Commitment to Safety Excellence

OHL USA has been recognized for its commitment to implementing safety initiatives that better protect employees on the job. In particular, the OHL USA team working at the US Highway 27 Improvement project in Palm Beach County, Florida. After a complete on-site evaluation and review of safety and health management practices, safety training and instruction, and internal safety inspection routines conducted by the University of South Florida’s SafetyFlorida committee, the team was notified in early December that it had been selected as the recipient of the prestigious Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award.

At a formal ceremony on January 13, 2021, the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award was presented to OHL USA and its subcontractors by Reggie Benson, a safety & health compliance officer from OSHA and Noel McCatty, Jr., a safety and health compliance specialist from the University of South Florida. Following the ceremony at the jobsite, Juan Abdel-Aziz, OHL USA’s safety director for the southeast region, shared the award with OHL North America’s CEO, Ashok Patel and COO, Daniel Ruiz.  

This award adds to other relevant recognitions achieved by OHL North America. Among them, OHL USA and OHL Community Asphalt’s Merit Award in the Highway and Bridge category of the 2019 Project of the Year Awards, organized by ENR Southeast for the Design-Build Interstate 75 Express Lanes, Miramar and Miami project.

Furthermore, OHL Judlau was selected by ENR as New York's 2019 Contractor of the Year, for achievements in the development of various projects, such as Canarsie Tunnel rehabilitation, the Throgs Neck Bridge project, the Riverside Drive Viaduct rehabilitation, the Enhanced Stations Initiative, and the Queens Midtown Tunnel rehabilitation project. Also, OHL Judlau received the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Office of Business and Workforce Diversity’s Above and Beyond Award for being an outstanding supporter of their Disadvantaged Business Enterprises program.

Created in 2006 by USF SafetyFlorida, the Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award commends Florida's employers and employees in all industries who proactively and routinely engage in job safety.

21.02.12 Sunshine State Safety Recognition Award

OHL USA team working at the US Highway 27 Improvement project in Palm Beach County, Florida (USA).

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