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Owens Lake

Environmental problems facing our nation are greater than ever before. OHLA USA is committed to completing projects that ease the burden of pollution, or refresh ecosystems that are threatened, and are actively seeking more work that betters the environment. Their presence in this sector is largely but they are searching for similar work nationwide where they can utilize their expertise in the area.

One such project is the ecosystem rehabilitation at Machado Lake, California. The primary goal of the project is to improve the water quality in Machado Lake, while enhancing the surrounding natural habitat and the recreational features of the park. This project involves dredging the lake, constructing an oxygenation system, and rehabilitating the dam, as well as park improvements such as invasive plant removal, native plant replanting, and fence and walkway repairs.

Another environmental improvement project is the Owens Lake Dust Mitigation Project Phase 9/10 for LADWP, the ongoing project to control and reduce the dust produced by the wind and dry lake bed of Owens Lake in Keeler, CA, the largest natural producer of dust in the country. The main areas of the project will consist of shallow flooding, managing vegetation, and gravel cover. Dewatering services will be utilized as water will be moved from current ponds to the new designated areas where the work will be performed.

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