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Rail/Mass Transit Infrastructure

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More than 30 rail-related projects, built with pride and passion in North America, serve as the testament to our commitment to safety, quality, innovation, and excellence.

We are accustomed to working in densely populated urban environment and are proficient in both self-performing and managing the construction of rail tunnels, viaducts, grade separations, stations, as well as the installation of tracks, signals, ventilation, and other critical systems.

Our flagship transit projects in North America include the $326 million 72nd Street Station and $228 million 63rd Street Station Rehabilitation for the new Second Avenue Subway Second Avenue Subway in New York City, both part of the first major expansion of the NYC subway in over 60 years; the $230 million post-Sandy Rehabilitation of the South Ferry Station Terminal in Manhattan; and the $360 million Airportlink Metrorail Extension Project in Miami, a vital endeavor to improve the connectivity to the Miami International Airport.

Our team also has a solid track record of collaborating with major transit agencies and prominent stakeholders on complex infrastructure projects. These partnerships are indispensable for optimized and informed decision-making on projects supported by public funds, where transparency and accountability are everyone’s responsibility and the key to successful project delivery. Other significant works done by OHLA USA divisions in railroad infrastructure include:

  • Culver Line Viaduct II
  • Montague Tube Rehabilitation
  • Rehabilitation of Columbus Circle Station
  • South Ferry Station - Construction and Rehabilitation

You can look at OHLA Group’s international work in railways here.