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South Ferry Terminal Rehabilitation

New York’s South Ferry station, like many stations and tunnels in the region, was devastated by flooding from 2012’s Hurricane Sandy.  As part of the Sandy Fix and Fortify initiative, we repaired the station and added special flood doors and other reinforcements to prevent the kind of damage wreaked during the storm. We also implemented an innovative waterproofing technology that is now being used on other flood mitigation projects in New York.

“We are proud to work with the MTA to open the South Ferry station on time and on budget for the residents of New York. Hurricane Sandy hit the city hard, and we were able to use a new waterproofing method in South Ferry that has been so successful that it is being used on many leak mitigation projects throughout the city including the Queens Midtown Tunnel (QMT),” said Ashok Patel, the Chief Operating Officer of OHL North America and President of Judlau Contracting, Inc. “It’s a real game changer for the industry and will help prevent the devastation we saw after Sandy and are still coping with today.”

The scope of this project included:

  • Removal and installation of new electrical equipment
  • Replacement of the signal system including track work
  • Cleaning & replacement of architectural finishes of the station
  • Chemical grout and other miscellaneous work
  • Reconstruction of the three station entrances with waterproofing enhancements

The station is also 100% ADA compliant and features artwork commissioned by MTA Arts & Design. This is one of several Superstorm Sandy flood mitigation projects that Judlau has completed or is currently executing including the rehabilitation of the Queens Midtown Tunnel (QMT), the Montague Tunnel, Metro-North’s Hudson Line and the Canarsie Tunnel.

Judlau was the contractor for the original South Ferry Terminal project completed in 2009, which was the first new subway station built in 30 years and the first station with fully air-conditioned platforms.