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Machado Lake Ecosytem Rehabilitation, CA

The Machado Lake Project is located in Los Angeles County in Southern California, it involves working in the Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park under strict environmental constraints and a very extensive schedule of aquatic and parklands rehabilitation.

This two and a half year ecosystem rehabilitation project consists of:

  • Dredging Machado Lake
  • Placing a benthic capping system, sand layer and plant the bottom of the lake
  • Removing and installing super-oxygenation systems
  • Eradicating invasive plant species and planting native vegetation

The development also requires several upgrades to the park area, including fishing piers and park zones, new paths and the rehabilitation of Camp Machado.

Work Progress

The primary goal of the project is to improve the water quality in Machado Lake, while enhancing the surrounding natural habitat and the recreational features of the park. The project includes in-lake improvements such as dredging approximately 240,000 cubic yards of lake sediment and capping the lake bottom with an AquaBlok bio-layer cap, constructing an oxygenation system, and rehabilitating the dam structure at the south end of the lake. Storm drain facility improvements involve installing five (5) Continuous Deflection Separation (CDS) systems at the major storm drain inlets to treat storm water before it enters the lake. The vegetation, habitat, and park improvements include invasive plant removal, replanting of native species such as fishing piers, fencing, and walkways.

The project is currently 61 % complete with lake dredging at 91 % completion with approximately 30,000 CY remaining to dredge. All CDS units have been installed as well as the structures to them. Fishing piers and fishing zones are 80 % complete with all the foundations and piles in and the platforms remaining to be installed. Lake and park planting remain as well as all roadway work and dirt work.