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OHL North America’s presence in water resource projects is largely concentrated in New York, with an expanding presence both in the region and across the country. They have completed multiple water-main improvement projects in and around the New York City area, with minimal disruptions to traffic and commuting, even in high-profile areas. Additionally, work was recently completed under budget for the DC Water and Sewer Authority to improve old water main systems in the city.

In New York City, work is continuing by the Judlau division on MED 609, a project to install trunk water mains to provide connections from four different shafts of City Water Tunnel #3 to New York City’s distribution network. The work is being performed under the streets of Manhattan in four high-profile and challenging areas: around Lincoln Center, in the West 50s / Theatre District area; Grand Street, in Soho; and in the far west side of Lower Manhattan. This is the largest contract ever let by New York City Department of Design and Construction.

Additionally, Judlau has constructed the replacement of the Existing Water Siphons between Brooklyn and Staten Island for the New York City Department of Design & Construction. This project involves the construction of a new potable water transmission main (siphon) beneath New York Harbor between the Boroughs of Brooklyn and Staten Island. Other notable achievements in water resource projects include:

  • Jackson Avenue Water Main
  • MTA 10 Pump Rooms Rehabilitation
  • NYC EDC Water Siphon Project
  • Wall Street Water Main

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